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Confidentiality and security of your personal data are important to us. We would like to offer you personalized services while respecting your privacy and choices. This Privacy Statement is provided by Urstadt.Swan, a luxury retail and wholesale brand with its global headquarters in United States headquarters in New York, New York. The purpose of this Statement is to inform you in a transparent and simple manner about the processing of the personal data that you provide or that we collect through the different touchpoints you use to interact with us (e.g. in store, client services,, social media, digital apps, events), about possible transfers to third parties, as well as your rights and options to control your personal data and protect your privacy.

Urstadt.Swan, a partnership company with its head office located at 351 East 4th Street 1C, NY NY 10009.

"Personal data" means any information that could reasonably identify you either directly (e.g. your name) or indirectly. The personal data we collect depends upon the touchpoint of our interaction and is also limited to that which is relevant and appropriate for the interaction. Unless you choose to interact with us via other touchpoints, such as (but not limited to) by making a purchase on our site, signing up for one of our programs (for example: My Exclusive Loyalty Program or services, communicating with us via email, phone or submitting online forms, or posting a comment or a like online, our data collection is limited to the use of ‘cookies’ for website visitors.